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Fabulous Bangles from Papaya Leaves

Papaya leaf Bangle

Papaya Leaf Bangle     We have a papaya tree right beside my bedroom terrace. It is endlessly bearing fruit and has supplied us with papaya fruit daily. Christopher Columbus called this exotic, sweet, and delicious fruit “the fruit of angels”. The papaya is one of the healthiest fruits you can eat to supply your [...]

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Bamboo Eco Fashion Jewelry

460JS structural bamboo jewelry set designed by Lyn Deutsch modelled by Danielle Deutsch

I’m posting today one of my newest designs of eco fashion jewellery.     I have used natural bamboo and wood in structural form and design that will make the wearer stand out in style.     Item Code: 460JS Indigenous and sustainable bamboo takes center stage in this beautiful ensemble of necklace, bracelet and [...]

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Organic Bamboo Bangles

Pinococo bamboo bangles designed by Lyn Deutsch

Bamboo is the ultimate sustainable eco plant that is leading in application for several uses. It is one the sustainable and indigenous evergreen plant in the grass family. It has a continual ability to produce bamboo shoots due to its unique rhizome-dependent root system. You can actually see bamboo grow before your eyes as they [...]

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Pinococo Jewellery | Splendidly Barbaric!

420JS Jewellery in coco Indian sticks artist-renndered in pearlized metallics.

Jewelry making is an ancient craft that goes back to the cave man. The pendant was the first form of jewelry, with man or woman using a shell, a tooth or a bone to hang on his/her neck because he/she thought they were beautiful or perhaps he/she thought they had magical powers. Whatever the reason, [...]

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Endless Beautiful Summer!

Pinococo Fashion Accessories Spring Summer 2012-2013

I was thinking of seasons, and I thought of summer, made this rumble of words that describes what is in my heart. S U M M E R sunshine, butterflies, gardens, and flowers beaches, seashells, and sea, barefoot, laughter, and family sunsets, tears, and prayers, showers, rain… and outpouring of rain! Yet, still sunshine piercing [...]

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Pinococo Coconut Bag and Jewellery In Metallic Fusion

197BG tasseled Pinococo bag 12x12x4 and matching statement necklace.

Pinococo Bags and jewellery     Perfectly matched Pinococo bag and Jewellery Handmade in the Philippines.     Please click on the images if you wish to purchase these items. FREE SHIPPING FOR A MINIMUM PURCHASE OF US$197 of PINOCOCO BAGS & JEWELLERY     Pinococo Bag Item Code: 197BG Pinococo coconut handbag. Unique coco [...]

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Bag & Jewellery Perfectly Matched in Neutral Colors

438JS Three natural wood in their natural hues in this classic jewelry set of wood disc beads in 3 sizes.

The natural, the handmade, and the beautiful will always be in fashion! The following fashion accessories speak of subtle sophistication, respect for nature, and standing up to sustainable eco fashion without understating aesthetic uniqueness and masterful craftmanship.         Item Code: 438JS Jewellery set in in three natural wood in their natural hues [...]

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Pinococo Jewellery | Catch A Dream!

Pinococo Jewellery designed by Lyn Deutsch, catch a dream necklace

Catch a dream and build it on a rock!     Model: Karen Lepon     Pinococo Jewellery Item Code: 081NK Handcrafted dream catcher necklace in black resin stone with wireworks, embedded with swarovski crystals on black wood beads.   Please click on the images if you wish to purchase this necklace. FREE SHIPPING FOR [...]

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Mixed Media Art Jewelry

Pinococo Jewellery, handcrafted designer natural jewelry

The elements of art and design – colors, texture, and composition – in this splendiferous natural jewellery set! Materials have been carefully treated and polished without denuding its natural beauty and harmoniously mixed to express a woman’s multifaceted yet symphonic personality.   Please click on the images if you wish to purchase these items. FREE [...]

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Pinococo Jewellery | Underground Treasures From Nature

Pinococo Jewellery designer handmade natural root wood sticks in metallic finish.

Again and again I go back to nature for design inspirations. All around us – above ground, on ground, and underground – the natural environment still yield its fruits for us to use as well as to preserve.     Inspired by hanging bridges in mountain forests where nature rests pristine and beauty undisturbed, I [...]

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