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Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

condiment jars for tea, honey, and milk

    It’s been a long time ago since I was buying Gerber and other baby food for my children. They are all grown-up now and having kids of their own. We are very blessed to have two adorable granddaughters near us, Summer and Jamicha. Gerber bottles get emptied daily and I thought I’d keep [...]

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A Beautiful Castle Recycled From Cans and Plastic Bottles

00 Miniature emerald castle. Recycling trash by Lyn Deutsch

Miniature Emerald Castle Recycled from household trash by Lyn Deutsch     The other day my son Mark asked me to create a miniature castle with yellow brick road inspired by Emerald City in the movie Wizard of Oz. He is going to use it for an animation project.     Not much budget, a [...]

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Life In Jesus | You Have A Visitor!

Philippine Miniature House by Lyn Deutsch

  Once in a while we get unexpected visitors and we are not quite prepared. Our homes may be in disarray and we look at our worst unprepared to have anybody else come to see us. But what if Jesus came into our house?     Philippine Miniature Houses Asian Miniature houses handcrafted from recycled, [...]

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Philippine Miniature Houses | What kind of town are you from?


  Village Philippines Miniature Houses Designed by Lyn Deutsch for Pinococo Import Export Inc., All rights reserved.   The fruit of that righteousness will be peace; its effect will be quietness and confidence forever. My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest. -Isaiah 32:17-18     What [...]

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Philippine Miniature Houses | Tiny “Little Lighthouse”

Miniature House photo

Samar is the third largest island in the Philippines with a rich history and a terrain of mountains and valleys bordered by white sand beaches. It’s beauty and natural wonders, barely discovered and explored – rain forests, stunning waterfalls and streams that flow through rivers unto seas. Magnificent caves and rock formations not found anywhere [...]

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Recycling a Broken Capiz Chandelier


Recycle, Recycling, Recycled Recycling is creating new products from old, used, and considered waste materials. A lot of things in our homes and in our surroundings have been useful to us, yet through time have taken its toll and charm. These items, which to most people, are considered useless and fit for trash, can be [...]

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Recycled | Junked Seashells Curtain Into Jewellery


Recycle, Recycling, Recycled Recycled Umbodium Seashells Curtain Seashells curtains are common here in the Philippines especially for homes near the shores. As our country is composed of 7,100 islands, the Filipinos have the easiest access to the beach and the sea. Seashells abound and one of the most common seashells are the pearl umbodium shells. [...]

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Fashion Blog | The Pinococo Coconut Bag

Pinococo Bags | coconut bag

  Gorgeous Coconut Bags Recycled Indigenous Fashion   The coconut, which is well considered by many to be the tree of life, for its infinite usability for food, shelter, and ornamentation, is the inspiration for a unique and functional fashion accessory – the Pinococo bag.         The Pinococo coconut bags are made [...]

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