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The peculiar human passion for exoskeletons has been around since early humans first started picking up pretty objects along seashores and beaches. Seashells fascinate a lot of us for their natural colors, delicately sculpted shapes and glorious decorations and structure.

One of the earliest known evidence of modern human culture are beads made from shells found in North Africa and Israel and have been dated by anthropologists as at least 100,000 years ago.

In medieval times, shells were not just rare, but literally regarded as precious gifts from God. Such natural wonders “declare the skillful hand from which they come” and reveal “the excellent artisan of the Universe,” wrote one 18th-century French connoisseur.

The precious wentletrap, a pale white spiral enclosed by slender vertical ribs, proved to another collector that only God could have created such a “work of art.”

At one 18th-century auction in Amsterdam, some shells sold for more than paintings by Jan Steen and Frans Hals, and only slightly less than Vermeer’s now-priceless Woman in Blue Reading a Letter.

The collection also included a Conus gloriamaris shell, for which the owner had paid about three times what his estate was getting for the Vermeer.

[Source: Excerpted from Mad About Seashells By Richard Conniff]

In this collection we have used seashells that are found in my country, the Philippines. The variety of shells found in its 7101 islands are almost infinite and varied in their forms, colors, and textures.

These gorgeous gifts from God in nature are amazing and will continue to inspire us to create beautiful, exotic, natural and timeless fashion accessories, home decors, gift items, and other forms of art discovered and more yet to be created.

The following fashion accessories are designed by Lyn Deutsch for Pinococo, an import|export company for a cause. These have been painstakingly handcrafted by indigent men and women who are undergoing our life skills training program to help them achieve economic upliftment.


Video: Timeless Seashells Collection
Fashion Accessories Designed by Lyn Deutsch
All rights reserved.

Bag BG11-053 Vibrant silk clutch with seashells

Pinococo bags and jewelry are designed by Lyn Deutsch, sourced from indigenous materials and meticulously handcrafted by indigent men and women who are undergoing our life skills training program. We are supporting these men and women and helping them become independent in their means of livelihood. Your purchases and donations will help us in continuing this work and reaching out to more of them.

Contact us for PERSONALIZED and WHOLESALE orders and inquiries at special prices.
Thank you!


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9 Responses


Lyn, you have been gifted with amazing talent! I especially love the video in this post. The music is calming, and the pieces you showcase are stunning!

~RJ, the Hope Coach


Thank you Ronae! It’s one of my favorite guitar music.


Thank you Lyn! Excellent video and products! …Thank you, Hughie


Hughie, Thank you so much!


Living in Florida, we have an affinity for sea shells…my grandchildren have become quite creative with finding uses for them but none as amazing as your incredible jewelry pieces!


Hi Lyn- chanced upon you at LinkedIn Updates and this is just an inquiry. My father (passed away since 1985) has left some big container of his treasured collections, w/c incidentally ended up w/ me. One of them are sea shells w/c I am honestly not familiar w/ it’s values (sentimental yes, but money value-NO :/ ) Anyways If you are interested, do email me please. Thanks for your time and God bless you most specially that you ra in the Phil, bec I’ve tried to inquire about this way back early yrs of 2000. Thanks again.


These seashells will never cease to fascinate me… the kids as well. I hope this collection will also inspire children to create. Thank you Denny!


Hello Ritz,
Thank you for visiting and letting me know your seashells inheritance.

Definitely interested. I use seashells even broken ones in creating beautiful products in my work with indigent men and women, teaching them crafts from recycled and indigenous materials, that will generate income for them.

Let me know how to go about this.

with much appreciation,



You’ve got nice pieces. It is an art and eco-friendly. You should have joined trade fairs.

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